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You can shop on line.  If you order before 10am you can have it delivered before 1pm.

Local deliveries are in Murfreesboro, TN area but can be delivered anywhere in the USA.  Would not recommend any perishables.  They can be mailed but their will be an additional charge.


General Merchandise

Fast Food


Meals in a box

Food Stamps – Sorry not able to use food stamps at this time.

Coupons – Sorry not able to use coupons at this time.  If you do want to help me out, if you do have coupons available, please give them to me when I drop off your groceries.

If you order alchole and tobacco products, you must prove your age when I come to your door.

Who does this mostly help out?  people who are injured or perhaps eldorley who can’t get out that easily.  Perhaps you have some children and don’t want to drag them to the grocery store.

What is next?  Go to the store and select your groceries to be delivered.  If you cannot find all your items, just send an email to: