Scott’s Photography

Scott’s Photography


Photographer at the ready.


  1. I have a High Def mini camera for your motion photography (1920×1080).
  2. Professional camera 8+megapixal

Weddings, birthday parties, and other events are $20 per hour, no minimum.

I move the photos or video over to a DVD at no extra charge.  I have experience on editing video which is very time consuming which could take 1-3 hours adding music if you wish. This cost is $16 per hour.

Basements and dark spaces are horrible for photography.  We need light.

Printed photo’s are for each : 4×6 35¢ / 5×7 89¢ / 6×8 $1.10 / 8×10 $3.25 / 11×14 $5.50 / 18×24 $18.50 / 24×36 $25.50
No frames are included but I would take your printed photo to a place that sells frames to make sure you get the right one.


Send me an email for the date, time and duration of the event.

Senior, nature, group photography – If you have specific locations to go to, that would be great.  2 hour minimum $40.  We can go to as many locations as time permits included travel time.  You get to keep all the photographs.   The best photos come from Barns; bridges, railroad tracks, lakes, and gazeboes.

Here are some example photographs: click here.