Grocery Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Welcome to online shopping at


I do want to thank you for shopping at Store 232 today.

  • Order anytime and will be delivered after 3 pm Mon-Sat and Sunday it varies.
  • Sorry, unable to use food stamps at this time.
  • If something is not in the store for ordering, send us an email and I can update the site.
  • If it is going to a prison make sure it is approved items. If it is not and security confiscates it there are no refunds.
Same Day or Next day delivery zones:
Kenosha County WI, Racine County WI,  Lake County, IL
Flat rate shipping is only for the above counties.
Frozen Foods; You will get a second email bill for frozen delivery if not in the local delivery zone.  Once this bill is processed your order will be delivered.  If you are having frozen foods delivered I would recommend over night delivery.  Cannot guarantee frozen items will not thaw during delivery
Food Stamps - Sorry not able to use food stamps at this time.

Coupons - Sorry not able to use coupons at this time.  If you do want to help me out, if you do have coupons available, please give them to me when I drop off your groceries.

If you order alcohol and tobacco products, you must prove your age when I come to your door.

Who does this mostly help out?  Injured, elderly, a person that does not have a lot of time on their hands.

What is next?  Go to the store and select your groceries to be delivered.  If you cannot find all your items, just send an email to and I will add those items to my store.

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