Welcome, this classified site is brand new.  


I want this to be a universal index.  There are 1000's of websites out there, wouldn't it be nice to just go to this one sight to see them all.  

It's the dollar classifieds.  Craigslist is great, however, you just don't know if it's real or just a scam. With this site, it's a better chance that this ad will not be a scam because almost all ads are paid ads.  But as always do your do diligence and research before you buy.

                                           30 days $1.00       90 days $2.00       Premium ads $10.00

All you have to do to drill down of what you are looking for in a category is type in the state you are looking in.  Example, you are looking for land in Atlanta, GA.  You click on the category "Land" and type in Atlanta in the search box.  You will get all listings for land with the city name of Atlanta.

Start here, let's go:

Placing an ad

Please use the full dollar amount of what you are trying to sell or rent.  If the item is $319,000 don't use $319 or $319k or $21 in the price/amount field (meaning $21 per square feet sf).  You can put the square feet within the description. 

If you are renting something, please be specific.  Is this price per day, week, month?

You can always place your website address in your ad so they can be redirected to your page for more detailed information.

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