Call Center

Do you have over 80 calls a day that you are missing because you are allready on the phone ?

You will be given a phone number to have your over flow calls forwarded to.receptionist_on_headphones_02

We will take your over flow calls between 7am until about 1 hr past your closing time. If you have a link to your scheduling to set appointments, we will need that.

If you don't have an external web address link, we can just send an email with the following information: Customers Name, phone plus the message.

We won't be able to confrence any calls over to you, we will be able to send the call back to one or two phone numbers that will ring simutaneiously or we can send a messages via email.  That is why you are using a message call center in the first place.

Auto Dealer Shops, Lawyers, Doctors office.  If you run a store and people call all day long for orders, we can take your orders as well.

Basic Landing Page

* 7 days a week (560 calls a week) = Your choice plan: $760 per week or $2500 per month.  Prepay Page


Basic Landing Page for an automotive dealership

This page will have basic and general information that we should have.

Hello, thank you for calling John's Buick and Nissan Message Center, my name is XX , how may we help you?

Bullet Points

Oil Changes = Appointments or express lane 1st come 1st serve - Starts at $29.99
Tune Up's = Appointments - Monday - Friday only - Starts at $40 upto $200 and some can go up to $800 (Monday - Friday only)
Electrical = About 1.5 hours
A/C = about 1 hour
1st service = about 1.5 hrs Hours :
2010 and Newer Vehicles oil changes = about 5000 miles
Engine Diagnosis = 1.5 hrs (Monday - Friday only)
Recalls = email - try to collect VIN. Will return call within 24 hours
Warranty information = regular email
New Windows, collision, unusual parts, painting, = email
Towing = Customer does not need to be their, send = email

Transportation = Wait, Drop Off, Shuttle
Rental Customer's Expense unless the repair is over $350
Loaners: 1st come 1st serve: set appt & email

If an appointment is set in appointment calendar no regular email is needed.
  1. Regular Email : link
  2. Escalation Email: link